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Menstrual underwear – What are menstrual panties?

Period proof underwear looks and feels just like normal underwear, but they are absorbent, sweat-wicking, odor-crushing and seamless.

They hold blood, stopping period leaks from ruining your day. Basically, they’re magic for your period.

Period proof underwear can be used together with tampon, pad, menstrual cup or totally on it’s own. It totally depends on your flow!

We suggest wearing period underwear as your period backup protection, with a pad or tampon. If your period is lighter, period panties can be worn on their own as full period protection.

Completely replace disposable menstrual products with the comfort and all-day leak-free coverage of our period-proven underwear!

Leakproof underwear can also be worn in case of light incontinence.

Legādājies menstruālo apakšveļu šeit

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