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Menstrual cup – why it is worth using

Half of the world’s population experiences periods for most of their lives. However, there has been no significant innovation in this area for more than 50 years.

With OrganiCup you can save money and save the planet’s resources at the same time. Imagine the mountains of waste pads and tampons create every month. The average woman uses 11,000 pads or tampons in her lifetime. But “OrganiCup” creates only 30 grams of waste instead of 30 kilograms! Disposable periodproducts contain petroleum-based chemicals and fragrances that are absorbed into our bodies and can cause endocrine disruption. Pads and tampons also contain poisonous substances used in plant protection: cotton is sprayed with glyphosate, a substance that causes cancer, during growth.

Think how many young girls miss school just because they are ashamed of their periods. We have the power to change how menstruation affects our lives, our bodies and the environment around us.

We believe that bodily processes should not limit any woman’s life. We believe that menstrual products should not contain harmful chemicals or absorb body secretions, opening the way for infections. In addition, menstruation should not be the cause of environmental pollution on a large scale. And no woman should ever be ashamed of them.

Nine out of ten women who have tried using a menstrual cup continue to use it.

We create the future with our choices. It will be better thanks to you, our Organic Girls. Together we will be able to break down all the barriers that menstruation has created in the world of women – dreamers and doers.

Let’s create a #NewPeriod together!

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